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National Institute for Technology (NIIT)

The National Institute for Technology (NIIT), which was also established by PECDAR and operates under its auspices, is working to help develop the information sector in Palestine.

Through its training programmes the Institute is helping to improve IT skills in the public and parastatal sectors, within civil society and among individual Palestinians.


NIIT management is working on developing the IT sector in Palestine into an industrial productive sector. To achieve this ultimate goal, NIIT has set a number of objectives to accomplish, which are:

Monitoring the developments and trends in the IT arena, and preparing the proper recommendations for adapting them to serve the national economy.

Increase the number of internationally certified IT Graduates.
Creating job opportunities for IT graduates through professional placement programs.

Offering complimentary IT services such as IT Investment/Business Incubators for Start-ups.
Preparing and delivering internationally certified training programs.

Advanced High-Tech Training

NIIT believes that a highly IT specialized and certified manpower is crucially needed to help build an IT industry in Palestine.
Therefore, NIIT has devoted considerable resources to design and implement a number of highly technical, certifiable, concentrated, and internationally recognizable training programs. These programs were designed to achieve the following goals:

Build Work Skills:

NIIT will help trainees gain the in-depth, practical experience they need to support the effective use of technology in their organizations. Each course they take devotes extensive classroom time to hands-on exercises that give them skills they can use straight away. NIIT will assist trainees in building skills progressively to prepare for more demanding responsibilities.

Enhance Your Career Prospects

Tap the knowledge of some of the industrys best instructors. NIIT recruits only the best instructors in their field; practicing consultants or IT professionals who spend the majority of their time immersed in their specialties. They draw on real-world know-how to handle difficult questions and share relevant experience.

Bridge the Education Gap with a Professional Certification

As technology changes at an ever-increasing rate, a gap is formed between the foundations provided by academic education and the technical competency that is required in todays business environment. Professional Certification Programs were established to bridge this technical education gap, and allow trainees to:

  • Acquire the technical knowledge, skills and hands-on experience required to successfully apply advanced technology to their jobs and increase productivity and competitiveness.
  • Document their qualifications for the job.
  • Match more closely their skills to their job responsibilities and goals.
  • Prove that they have the breadth and depth of knowledge and skills in their technical field
  • Obtain valuable IT industry recognition.

The Training Programs:

NIIT provides two types of training programs. The first is long in nature (all programs run for an average of 14 months) and are aimed at graduates from high school, college and university. It assumes little or no prior knowledge in computers and is designed to provide practical and concentrated knowledge to the trainees to enable them to find employment that fits their specialization as soon as they graduate from the program.

All candidates take an intensive technical English Language course to prepare them for the technical programs. This is primarily because we consider English to be the main and mostly used language in the Information and Telecommunications world. Besides the fact that most of the training material and information resources are available only in English.

Some of the programs currently offered at NIIT are:
Network and system Engineer
Database Developer and Administrator
Web & E-Commerce Solutions Developer
Web & Software Solutions Developer
Software Engineer

The second type of training programs consist of a number of specialized but shorter courses (each running for a period of between 2 to 6 months), which match the needs of the market at the time of their delivery. Applications to these courses are welcome from individuals as well as public and private sector organizations. However, unlike in the case of the longer courses, these will require applicants to have an adequate knowledge of Information Technology, particularly in the areas in which they wish to specialize.

All training programs on offer are certified and as such require all trainers and instructors to be fully qualified. All courses are taught using original material in line with the particular program in quest

NIITs Commitment to Excellence:
The Institutes commitment to excellence includes:-
Fully equipped state-of-the-art training rooms to fulfill all the requirements needed to run the programs including space, furniture, hardware and software

The provision of all the necessary training materials
A networked. Internet-connected work environment
Access to technical, IT-Oriented books and software library containing advanced technical books and latest software demonstrations
An in-house cafeteria and recreational facilities area, and Administrative and technical advisors to support the programs and their beneficiaries.
Professional, certified, and technically experienced Trainers

NIIT as a Microsoft IT Academy

NIIT has been assigned as a Microsoft IT Academy by the IT giant, Microsoft. NIIT, from the first day of operation, has recognized the importance of building and maintaining professional ties with major international IT companies. These companies lead the IT industry and draw its future and NIIT uses its strong relations with these companies to transfer the technological developments of these companies to the Palestinian IT sector. Such technologies are then employed to serve the national economy once properly put in use.

NIIT, through its IT Academy, will benefit greatly from Microsofts expertise in the areas of training, research, and human resources development. NIIT is obliged to transfer the knowledge to the IT Sector in Palestine.

Being assigned as a MS IT Academy, NIIT:
got a 100 users license to use any of Microsoft products.
got the ability to test beta versions of Microsoft products which will allow NIITs technology experts to study the future trends in technology and guide the manpower of the IT sector in Palestine to prepare for the future,
got to authorize its trainers as Microsoft Certified Trainers which will increase their efficiency and competitiveness,
has the opportunity to consult with Microsoft experts on issues related to latest technologies,
can train two of its trainers on latest Microsoft products under the supervision of Microsoft experts.

NIIT as a Bradford Learning Training Partner

NIIT has recently established a partnership with one of the best Linux training providers, Bradford Learning Incorporation. This partnership allowed NIIT to provide state-of-the-art training on the open source environment of Linux. This will definitely contribute to the achievement of NIITs objective to enhance the technical know-how of the IT workforce in Palestine.

NIIT as an Authorized Prometric Testing Center:

NIIT has also been assigned as an Authorized Prometric Testing Center. This will allow all those interested in maintaining an international certificate in IT to take the required exams at NIIT. This is significant and complies with NIITs objective to increase the number internationally certified IT graduates.

NIIT as an IT Consultancy Service Provider

NIIT has provided consultancy services to a number of organizations, such as UNDP, World Bank, PECDAR, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, GTZ, Water Authority and others, in different IT-related fields. NIITs team of IT specialists and business development specialists has contributed to a number of IT projects that have been implemented in Gaza and the West Bank.

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