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National Institute for Administration (NIA)

The National Institute for Administration (NIA), which was established by PECDAR and works under its auspices, promotes and supports the development of public administration at national and the local government level. The Institute provides training programmes for public focusing on, among other things, improving the quality of financial management.

NIA training programs aim at upgrading and building the skills of civil servants as well as leaders in the public sectors in the fields of management, finance, administration, governance, rule of law, media, and democracy.

Surveys conducted by the National Institute for Administration (NIA) as well as by other professional agencies have shown that the majority of the Palestinian civil servants lack the professional skills and basic knowledge needed to perform efficient work in the daily performance of their jobs. This has negatively impacted the quality of services offered to citizens. Similarly, the employees in the private sector do not enjoy high professional skills, which affect negatively their performance at work and threaten the chances for their companies to grow and prosper.

The National Institute for Administration has conducted extensive surveys to specify the capacity building training needs of the Palestinian civil service. It has been receiving many requests from the various PA ministries and public institutions for specialized training courses in different fields.

The Palestinian public institutions need brilliant proficient employees who are capable to carry the heavy load of creating a new nation in a continuous adverse political and economic situation.  Thus the NIA trains employees to provide them with the needed professional knowledge and skills necessary for job effectiveness and efficiency, by enrolling them in training courses and workshops in the fields of management, administration and finance. Those training courses attempt to bridge the gap between the poor performance of the concerned ministry and the quality of the services it hopes to offer to its beneficiaries. The NIA works to fulfill such needs, particularly those that fall within the areas of finance and administration: fields that are vital for effective and efficient citizen service.

The National Institute for Administration (NIA) has been in existence for less than a year. Even so, it has managed to mount a wide range of high-level training courses

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